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Fresh & pure gir cow milk delivered daily ❤️

MRP: Rs.82 / litre

  • Hand Milking

    We do not use machines to milk our cows. Milking is done with utmost love and care through the sense of touch by our Gwalas

  • Forest Grazing

    Our cows roam freely in natural surroundings, with adequate access to medicinal plants, sunlight and water.

  • Natural Mating

    All cows mate naturally within their herd. Each herd consists of minimum 30 cows and 1 bull for the mating process

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A step towards 'Truly Living'!

We travelled across the regions and discovered wonderful living practices about the perfect coexistence of life – in unison with nature and our bodies.

Kudej brings to you these carefully bottled precious secrets, in the comfort of your homes.

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Indigenous Cows of India

What is pure and healthy, is the milk of Indigenous Indian cow breeds. These Desi cows nurture us just like our own mothers. Their milk contains an effective A2 beta-casein protein that gets broken down into amino acids for easy digestion. This milk has natural sweetness, boosts immunity, increases good (HDL) cholesterol, nourishes body tissues and helps in growth and development of a child’s brain.

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  • Reduced acidity and detoxifies body

  • Prevents odesity, join pain, migraine and headache

  • Improves immunity, memory and kidney health

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Dear Mooer,

DearCows aims to make the Desi Cow Community economically independent by integrating the rural supplies for the growing urban demand.

We wish to bring you closer to the true caretakers of our cows, “The Gwalas”. These skilled individuals form an integral part of our community, enabling high standards of cow keeping in a cruelty-free environment.

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