Our Process

Milk Sourcing

1:00 pm everyday

The Gwalas taking care of our cows come from the Bharwaad Samaj community of Gujarat, residing 2-3 hours away from Mumbai. They worship gaumata (cows) and accept it as their duty to protect them.

Our cows are kept free (not tied) in groups of 30-40. Each group has one bull for natural mating. They are taken for grazing during the day time. Grazing helps the cows to get direct sunlight and eat variety of grass, each with different medicinal qualities.

During the milking process calf gets the first right to drink. Once done, Gwala hand milks the cow. Hygiene is maintained during the process by the cowherd. No machines are used in the process, since it over squeezes and dries the udder.

Hygiene Packaging

4:00-6:00 pm everyday

The milk collected is transported to the dairy unit, which is 2-3 km away from the farm. Here the milk gets pasteurised and packed in plastic pouches. Once done, it is stored in iceboxes and sent out for delivery to Mumbai in delivery vans.

Doorstep Delivery

5:00-8:00 am everyday

The milk is dropped at individual drop points of our distribution partners across Mumbai. Our distributors then take the responsibility of individually delivering milk to your doorstep every morning.

Relish A2 Milk

Once the milk reaches your place, consume it immediately either with or without heating up. For later consumption, kindly store it in the fridge.