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Kudej Desi Gir Cow Hand Churned A2 Ghee

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Gir cows are a native breed of Gujarat, famous for being one of the highest milking breeds of India. The free-range Gir Cows feed on grass pastures, seasonal grasses or fodder, vegetables, herbs and nutritional feed that is medicinally beneficial and therapeutically potent in nature.

Our Nuskes

For a peaceful sleep

The nasal cavity is the carrier of oxygen and nutrients from the air while we breathe. Apply 3 drops of warm ghee in both nostrils at bedtime.

Improves sleep quality and movement of nutrients to the brain cells.

Glowing skin

The skin has pores acting as pathways to the internal organs of our body. Massage your body parts, apply on wounds, rashes, dry lips, joints and feet.

Acts as a moisturizer and rejuvenator.

For shiny hair

Being an external part, the hair gets exposed to the environment each day. This makes it important to take care of our hair. Apply warm ghee into the hair follicle pores at bedtime.

Acts as a moisturizer, prevents dandruff and improves hair density/texture.

Ghee shelf life?

Kudej Ghee has a shelf life of upto 12 months from the Date of Packaging. It should be stored in a cool dry place. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Swapnali Desai
Best quality ghee

I am buying kudej ghee since 1 year. The quality, taste everything is best.

sunit sanghai

Quality not good

Bhairavi B
One of the best Ghee

This ghee is having a unique taste which is not found in any normal or high branded ghee. Please don't stop making this.

Manisha Shirsat
Desi Gir Cow Ghee and Milk

I am buying both products Ghee and Cow Milk Since 1 and half year. It is amazing and Good for Health. We all must take Desi Cow Milk and Ghee. After all this is part of our Indian Cultural Food, Rituals.

Padma Seshadri

The ghee does not taste 100% pure.