FAQ | Milk

Product Information

Quality of DearCows milk?

  • Non-toned, non-homogenized, unadulterated whole milk.
  • Fresh from the time it’s produced.
  • Naturally Sweet & mild in taste.
  • Light creamy & medium thick.
  • Having 0.5mm of Malai.
  • No Visible particles.
  • No Adverse smell and even the curd that can be made would be pleasing sour.

Is it pasteurized?

DearCows milk is minimally pasteurized to ensure our community members relish safe milk.

Milk quality test reports

DearCows milk gets tested for 17 parameters on a daily basis through a NABL Accredited lab. The report of which gets shared on a daily basis here: https://dearcows.com/pages/quality-reports

What is A2 Milk?

What is pure and healthy, is the milk of Indigenous Desi cow breeds. These Desi cows nurture us just like our own mothers. Their milk contains an effective A2 beta-casein protein that gets broken down into amino acids for easy digestion. This milk has a natural sweetness, boosts immunity, increases good (HDL) cholesterol, nourishes body tissues and helps in growth and development of a child’s brain.

What is the difference between A1 and A2 Milk?

These are two different variants of protein. A1 protein is produced by foreign breed of cows, such as Jersey and Holstein Friesian. A1 protein does not get broken down into amino acids upon consumption and therefore leads to indigestion, bloated stomatch, lactose intolerence, and even migrain. A2 protein on the other hand is produced by Indigenous Desi cow breeds which gets broken down in amino acids and is easier for consumption. A2 protein helps to build immunity, help is child’s growth, feels light on the stomach and can also be consumed by lactose intolerant people. As A2 milk is naturally sweet, it can be consumed by diabetic patients too.

Why is the milk yellowish in color?

Cow milk fat contains a coloring pigment called Beta-carotene (a carotenoid which is precursor of vitamin-A)

What does the milk taste like?

Milk is fresh, mild sweet, light cream, medium thick with 0.5mm malai, no visible particles, no adverse smells and the curd is pleasing sour.

What is the SNF and Fat content?

SNF: 8.5% minimum and Fat: 3.5% minimum

*Note: SNF means Milk Solids-not-Fat comprising protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc in milk other than milk fat. Ideal quality of milk should be based on SNF. That is where nutrition comes from.

How should milk be stored?

You can either boil the milk or store it in your refrigerator, between 0 and 4 degrees. Kindly adjust your refrigerator temperature as per the weather as and when needed. It can last up to 7 days if kept in deep freezer.

Nutritional content of the milk?

Nutritional Information Per 100ml


67.7 kcal


3.6 g

Total Carbohydrates

4.6 g

Total Sugars

2.5 g

Total Proteins

3.9 g


140.7 mg

Vitamin A

10.6 mg

*Approximate Values

FAT 3.5% minimum

SNF 8.5% minimum

The color of milk looks different today. What is the reason?

Just like us humans, cows also change their diet based on seasons. This has a direct effect on the color and consistency of milk. We therefore do not promise you similar looking milk all 12 months.

 “We consume whatever the cow decides to eat”

Can the milk be used to make Dahi/Ghee/Paneer?

Yes, the milk can be used to make any of the by-products. Make some homemade Rosagullas using the milk. You will love them!


Brand Information

What Is DearCows?

DearCows is an app based Desi Gir Cow milk delivery platform in Mumbai. We promise to delivery non-homogenized, non-toned, unadulterated whole milk to your doorstep on a daily basis. This milk is minimally pasteurized in order to ensure fresh delivery and should be consumed within 24 hours from delivery.

DearCows only delivery Desi Gir Cow milk, which contains A2 protein known to be highly beneficial for human consumption.

DearCows works with the cowherd community called the ‘Bharwad Samaj’ settled in the outskirts of Pune-Chakkan belt. They are the true caretakers of the cows and we ensure to support and uplift them through our mission.

We ensure that all our customers become part of a larger community mission of supporting Desi Cows and so for every 1 litre consumed, Re.1 goes to the ‘One Cow One Family’ Foundation, which helps to support activities related to Desi Cows.

Do we perform any cruelty towards our cows?

We adhere to a cruelty free cow keeping process. Our priority always is to show love and affections towards our Goumata.

  1. Calf has the first right towards their mother’s milk and then us humans.
  2. We hand milk all our cows in a hygienic process.
  3. The cows are not tied up, instead they roam around freely in open landscapes and graze whatever grows in the vicinity. This also includes the medicinal plants which grow in the area. This also ensures the best health of the cow as they get access to natural resources (food, water, sunlight) which in turn produces healthier milk.
  4. No oxytocin or hormones are injected in the cows for forced impregnation. The mating process happens naturally.

Moreover, we work with One Cow One Family Foundation by donating Re.1 for every 1 litre consumed back to the communities working towards protecting desi cows. Our company believes in raising more farms instead of exploiting demands from a single farm.

Feed of cow

Our cows are kept in forest grazing land. They eat whatever is grown in the area, which includes grass, medicinal plants, etc. Their eating choice is linked to seasonal changes and therefore the milk does not remain the same for all 12 months, there is always slight variation as per seasonal changes.

About the Gwala community

The gwalas are the true caretakers of the cows and understand the cow keeping dynamics better than anyone of us. They need to be given the right value for desi cow milk to ensure they keep more desi cows and thereby improve ther livelihood.

Delivery Systems

Milk Packaging

Packaging is done in 3 layer of food grade recyclable plastic. We are working towards a sustainable packaging solution for the near future.

How the milk comes at your doorstep?

The milking is done in the outskirts of Pune, which is then pasteurized and packed in milk pouches. The milk is then transported to Mumbai by maintaining the temperature. Our delivery system then takes care of the deliveries directly to your doorstep.

Delivery timings

Milk gets delivered daily between 6-8am every morning

APP Information

How to Start the App?

To start deliveries at your home, download DearCows A2 Milk app on App Store https://apple.co/2QnZATO and Play Store https://bit.ly/2I3spRF. Sign up to schedule deliveries at your fingertips. We will check your address feasibility from our end once you sign up and activate your account within 24-48 hours.

Step 1:- Download DearCows Application “Dear Cows A2 milk”. Create your account by Sign up- Add First name, Last name, Phone number, E-mail ID, and click on Next.

Step 2:- Add complete address, Locality, Zipcode, Landmark – and click on Next

Step 3:- Please select the correct drop point on the map. If it is not showing the correct area then please edit the address and input same as you would have on google maps. You can try it on google maps first to verify.

Step 4:- Create Password

Step 5:- Once signed up, System would send an OTP to verify the account. Update OTP

Step 6:- Login

How to make a recharge?

In Home Page – Account Balance – Manage – Recharge for milk Quantity- Check Out –customer will find payment option-Card, Net banking, Wallet, UPI, Pay Later – Proceed to pay. After payment is processed you will be able to see it in the application next to “account balance” on dashboard

How to schedule delivery after payment?

Go to settings – Schedule delivery- Set the Per Day Quantity- Select Delivery option (Daily, Alternate, Custom)- Save

This process has to be done only once for all future deliveries. Incase an edit for a single or 2-3 days need to be made then it can be done through the “edit” option next to tomorrow’s order on the dashboard

How To Raise Ticket (Complaint)

On the dashboard click on the top right corner icon “raise a ticket”- Mention your complaint –Submit (You can only submit issues before 12 pm for todays delivery)

Issues raised without ticket will not be considered.

How to set vacation

On the Home Page–Go to upcoming vacation-Click on Manage–enter the Start Date–and End Date. All changes to start date and end date can be done prior to 2pm

How to set One Day Alteration (Quantity Change)

Home Page – Tomorrow’s Order – Add Liters As per preference. Order edits can be done before 2pm

Incase of Forget Password

Add contact number – Forgot password- Add contact number – Request Code –OTP- submit-
Create New Password- Re-enter new password- Submit

Login – Mobile number - Password

How to update/ Change contact number, Name, Email ID

Go to Settings – Choose Profile –click on contact information- update Contact number – Submit

While changing to a new contact number an OTP will be generated on the new number for confirmation.

How to Change Address

Go to Settings – click on Delivery – choose Delivery Address (Change Address)

If in you change the address the Account would be De-activated, and go for a Feasibility check again. 

Timeline for feasibility check remains the same of 24-48 hours.

How much time does it take to process refund by money

Ideally refund for money, it takes 7 working days to reflect the money back into the account.

Do you get notified of refund?

You get a notification from the DearCows app stating the amount is refunded back along with quantity/amount and date. And likewise also get message from the bank about the amount getting credited with-in 7 working days.