Gwala hand milks Desi Gir Cow

Why A2 Milk?

A direct substitute to Mother's milk.

Difference between A1 and A2 milk

A1 Milk  A2 Milk

Milk from foreign breeds (Jersey and Holstein Friesian) contain A1 protein.

Milk from Indian cow breeds contain A2 protein.

Around 5,000 years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine. The mutated protein, does not have a strong bond to hold on to BCM7 (poisonous chemical). Hence, on consumption of the A1 milk, BCM7 gets into the gastro-intestinal tract of animals and humans.

Proline amino acid has a strong bond to a small protein called BCM7 (poisonous chemical) and therefore stops the BCM7 from getting into milk. So essentially, no BCM7 is found in the urine, blood or gastro-intestinal tracts of A2 cows.

A1 beta-casein milk, the peptides cannot be broken down into amino acids and so they are indigestible. A2 beta-casein milk, the milk proteins are broken down into peptides, which in turn are broken down into amino acids. This type of milk is easily digestible.


Benefits of A2 Milk

In our scriptures the milk from cows is described as “Amrit”, The Nectar.

  • The native Indian cow milk is sweet in taste and has coolant effect on the body and mind
  • It improves Ojas which is considered as the factor responsible for the immunity of the body
  • Nourishes the body tissues and acts as natural aphrodisiac
  • Rejuvenates and increases life expectancy while improving intelligence and body strength
  • In case of feeding mothers, it increases breast milk
  • By assisting in easy movements of intestines cow milk relieves tiredness, dizziness, excessive thirst and hunger
  • Regular consumption increases good (HDL) cholesterol
  • It helps in the growth and development of child's brain

Harmful effects of A1 Milk

  • The milk has BCM7 which causes Type 1 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sudden death syndrome in infants
  • Metabolic degenerative disease
  • Mental disorder in old age
  • Heart attack/cardiac problems
  • High blood pressure


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    Got the first supply today. It’s very good. Increased the quantity on the most easy to use app. Great work overall. I hope this will be maintained in days to come.

    Satish Maheshwari

    I am trying to sign up on yourapp since last 7 days but it is not able to sign up any other way I can sign up s inform

    Geeta Moghe

    Do u provide A2 milk if yes then at what price and that too in Bhiwandi


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