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Our Indigenous Desi Cows v/s Jersey/Holstein.F Cows

Indigenous Desi Cows

Jersey/Holstein.F Cows

They are intelligent and always prefer clean areas to sit which helps them to avoid any diseases.

They have lesser and smaller sweat glands, thus not suitable for tropical climates like in India.

Maintenance cost is less, since they eat limited amount of fodder and can be treated with local Indian medicines.

They incur higher maintenance cost and more prone to diseases due their physical structure. They are also difficult to be cured by means of native Indian medicines.

They can survive when there is food shortage and do not suffer from long term diseases.

Gives A1 type of milk carrying more amount of pathogens.

Surya Ketu vein running from hump in Desi cow on interaction with solar rays produces good salts in her blood, milk and bodily fluids. This causes the milk, butter and ghee of Desi cows to have a golden texture which is full of nutrients and minerals.

They are lazy in nature and not suitable for hard work.

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